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The real estate industry is fraught with complexities not easily tackled without the counsel of experienced professionals at your side. When faced with challenges such as...

     'Which is most cost effective, short and long term? A lease or a purchase?'
     'Is there a way to terminate my lease?
     'What costs are associated with the construction of a new building and the relocation of my business?'
     'What is the market like right now and what are the options available to me?'
     'Who do I turn to for financial analysis?'
     'Where can I find real time information and assistance with decision-making?'
or …
     'How do I plan for future expansion or contraction?'

               ...Concorde has the professional resources to help you.

Concorde has years of development, construction, property management and marketing experience; lease transactions in the office, industrial and retail sectors; land sales; and access to business insight in the fields of accounting, construction, manufacturing, finance, insurance and more. We draw on our resources to help you make financially responsible and informed business decisions.

We offer only objective, honest advice, with no hidden agenda. Our focus is to help to define the right strategy and provide the necessary information to allow you to make intelligent business decisions that support your company's vision and objectives.

Concorde's Consulting Services Include (but are not limited to):
     • Strategic planning
     • Market analysis
     • Marketing plans for building lease or sale
     • Requirements analysis and property evaluation
     • Site selection and analysis
     • Building systems analysis
     • Lease/purchase contract review and negotiation
     • Financial analysis
     • Project management
     • Move and Relocation coordination

Whether you are seeking long term or short term support, Concorde is here to provide you with options in the form of trustworthy, constructive and sensible solutions.